28 05 2022 Termas Romanas de São Pedro do Sul

About Nuno Miguel Borges' publishing

Carlos Moura Martins Porto, May 26th, 2022

I have been following Nuno Miguel Borges' publishing project on and off. It focuses on current Portuguese architecture design, each book a monograph seeking to communicate a particular experience; one of getting to know a place in its initial form, watching a project develop, to see the transformation happen during the actual renovation process, up until that final moment, when the place reaches a new form. The long period of time this method demands is brought over to the book, not just by giving us a reading of the work in progress, of the complexity and circumstances of each moment, but also, less visible, in the making of the book-as-object, with its multiple challenges, setbacks and victories, including its technical aspects such as printing, paper or cutting choices. Therefore, in the production process, from inception to eventual publishing, each book has its own world. The model entails selecting, for each book, an architecture project, its themes and also the intervening parties - photographers, historians, critics, graphic designers. In the books, materialized in interviews, there is also an ongoing dialogue with the architects. Because of their procedural approach, the books published by Nuno Miguel Borges have the quality of giving us a broader knowledge of an architecture project, not as a new fact crystallized in time, but as a living thing that will continue to change.

Carlos Moura Martins graduated in Architecture at FAUP (1986) and has a PhD in Theory and History of Architecture from DARQ/FCTUC (2014), where he is Assistant Professor. From 1986 to 2000 he worked with architect Fernando Távora; and from 1986 to 2006, he shared offices with architect Elisiário Miranda.